SandSweeper is Offshore Cleaning Systems’ new production tank and vessel cleaning process that provides an innovative alternative to conventional separator cleaning.  This patent-pending system can aid in the prevention of production loss and downtime associated with conventional de-sanding, because the SandSweeper removes sand and other solids from a tank or vessel without disrupting production. 
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The difference between SandSweeper and other competitive automated de-sanding systems is that it is a full service, rather than just equipment.  We design it, build it, install it, operate it and service it when needed.

A predictive maintenance program using SandSweeper is simple and cost efficient.  SandSweeper is fabricated and installed to custom fit the vessel or tank without any hot work.  Thereafter an inspection of the vessel or tank is performed at regular intervals using infrared thermography to determine and confirm accumulation of sand and/or other solids.  Then SandSweeper works to remove sand and/or other solids contained in the vessel or tank while remaining online and producing. 

Benefits of Using SandSweeper Include:

Increased Production
Safer Work Environment
Reduced Cost to Operator


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