Let us cater your next event!

We cater special events, weddings, receptions, rehearsal dinners, birthday parties, graduation parties, family reunions, Christmas parties and more!
Our beautiful banquet room makes your event a great one with a full service staff that goes the extra mile to ensure that your event is worry free, letting you focus on the enjoyment of the event.


Banquet Room Coordinators:

Contact, Alicia Quibodeaux and Kim LeMaire if they are not available you may speak to any manager on duty.

Banquet room facility reservations are limited to 4 hours or until 12:00 midnight. For Functions exceeding this time period a $200.00 per hour charge applies. Catered functions (receptions, engagement parties, birthday parties, etc.) which require catering finger foods a $200.00 rental fee applies. Minimum of $12.00 per person or $500.00 finger food purchase for all catered functions. Service charge for these type functions will be a minumun of $75 per server or 20% of the food total whichever is greater.

$25.00 cake charge for all cakes brought in. With this charge RiverFront will provide plates, forks, and napkins. Serving cake is not included in this charge. For double event functions (wedding and reception) an additional $100.00 fee is applied. Rental fees include setting up and cleaning room, tables, chairs, and white linen tablecloths for these functions. Rental fee does not include RiverFront decorations.

Florist and wedding coordinators are expected to clean up after themselves prior to arrival of guests. The use of nails, staples, thumbtacks, or masking tape on wall is not allowed. Not complying will result in loss of deposit.

Off-Site Catering: $100.00 refundable deposit on off site. For events that require the use of our chafing pans and setting up finger food spread a $200.00 set up fee is applied. For events that require only delivery of finger foods and do not require the use of our chafing pans a $50.00 delivery fee applies within 30 miles. A signature from host on inventory list of all RiverFront property is necessary. Missing inventory will result in loss of deposit.


Chicken Salad Sandwiches (3 1/2 doz) $50.00
Turkey Sandwiches (3 1/2 doz) $50.00
Ham Sandwiches (3 1/2 doz) $50.00
Roast Beef Sandwiches (3 1/2 doz) $50.00
(Whole sandwiches cut in quarters)

Vegetable Tray $50.00
Cheese Tray $50.00
Combination Vegetable, Fruit and Cheese tray $60.00

Broccoli dip $45.00
Spinach and Artichoke dip (hot or cold) (4qt) $50.00
Crab dip (3 qt) $85.00
Shrimp dip (3 qt) $85.00
Crawfish dip (3 qt) $85.00
(crackers provided)

Cold Items
7 Layer Mexican dip $45.00
Shrimp Mold $45.00
Pasta Salad (4 qts) $45.00

Fried Stuffed Mushrooms $65.00
Saute'ed Stuffed Mushrooms $65.00
Meat Pies (100) $80.00
Chicken Drumettes (7 doz) $55.00
B.B. Q. Meatballs (200) $55.00
Fried Boudin Balls (10 lbs) $60.00
Brisket (10 lbs) with sliced white bread $85.00
Pork Jambalaya (125 4oz portions) $75.00
Crawfish Fettuccini (125 4 oz portions) $125.00
Fried Catfish (10 lbs) $95.00
Fried Popcorn Shrimp (8 lbs) $95.00
Seafood Jambalaya $125.00

Unlimited Soft Drinks
Up to 25 people $20.00
25- 40 people $25.00
40 - 60 people $30.00
60 - 80 people $35.00
80 or more $40.00
Punch (bowl) $25.00
coffee (pot) $15.00

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