With over 2000 units installed, the Failsafe Pilot Controller/BSL has proven itself to be Dependable, Safe, Rugged Reliable and Operator Friendly! The Failsafe Pilot Controller/BSL is the only unit designed by field technicians for field applications. The Failsafe Pilot Controller/BSL combines the ignition for the pilot and the burner safety shutdown in the event of pilot flame failure.

Meeting all government regulations and safety requirements, the Failsafe Pilot Controller/BSL is designed and built for harsh environments around the world. The Failsafe Pilot Controller/BSL and its components are well suited for the extreme temperatures of the desert, as well as the salt laden environment of the Gulf of Mexico. Standard in a Nema 4X 316 stainless steel enclosure, the Failsafe Pilot Controller/BSL comes standard in 12 VDC, 110 VAC, 220 VAC and 50/60 Hz. Custom designed units are also available.The Igniter can be easily installed on any new or existing Natural Draft burner type equipment including:

Line Heaters (Indirect/Direct Fired)
Glycol Reboilers
Vertical/Horizontal Treaters
Amine Reboilers

Model FC-12110-4X-01 is ideal for unmanned Locations. No AC power! Our Failsafe Pilot Controller/BSL can be outfitted with our standard DC Package, making it well suited for this type of location.

Model FC-12-4X-01
, the Basic Igniter. If you don’t need the BSL, this is the igniter for you. Helpful material available for:

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Operating Procedure

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Igniter Spare Parts List
Wiring Diagram

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