Melvin "Matt" Matthews, owner, started out as Matthews Rental Tools in 1944. Then in 1960, his company name was changed to the title it bestows today. . . M&M Oil Tools. The M&M operation moved into our present location in New Iberia, La in 1962, and at that time we were doing down hole service work (squeeze tools, bridge, gravel packs and production equipment) as well as rental tool equipment and welding shop services. The machine shop was implemented in 1969, where we started manufacturing our own equipment at that time. We were incorporated in 1975. The down hole service division was dissolved in 1984. At that time we concentrated more on our manufacturing and rental tool departments. The CNC machine department was started up in 1997, and our in house Inspection service was added on in 2000.

Try any of our products or services and see why we have such high volume of repeat business. We feel that if we don’t take care of our
customers, . . . some one else will.

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