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Without a doubt the most important product TOOLS Incorporated provides to its customers is dependable service, whether it is with the tools we manufacture or in the services we provide. We know that we must provide the best of what you, the oilfield companies, demand. Simply put, without you we cannot exist. We have committed ourselves to being the absolute best in order to meet your every need.

Because of our experience and quality workmanship, customers know they can depend on us to provide what they require when they require it. Our companies believe in us and in our services. For those reasons, many of our customers continue to choose us for their oilfield needs. Our goal is your complete satisfaction.

We believe in quality products, at competitive prices, with reliable services to match. It is a combination that works and that is what TOOLS Incorporated is all about.



TOOLS Incorporated continues our highly regarded reputation with our dedication to meet customer standards using the following:

API Specifications

We manufacture our tools to meet or exceed all applicable American Petroleum Institute (API) specifications.

Fabrication & Machine Shop Services

TOOLS Incorporated’s experienced professionals will get you what you require, from the most complex tools to joints cut to order. We can do it all.

Stabilizer Rentals, Sales & Repairs

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QuickTip Hardfacing

QuickTip is the leading hardfacing system for downhole tools giving outstanding performance. QuickTip applies sintered tungsted carbide inserts in a very dense pattern at room temperature and then bonds the inserts to the tool using a high strength braze applied by a metal spray torch.

QuickTip hardfacing performs exceptionally well in downhole conditions where severe abrasion is coupled with impact. QuickTip is able to with stand the impact and hold gauge for extended drilling hours.


Why does QuickTip Hardfacing last?
QuickTip's high performance results from many positive factors:

  • The standard mat with 2mm spacing gaurantees 62% tungsten carbide coverage in an accurate, wear resistant, brickwork pattern.

  • The use of sintered tungsten carbide as a wear medium - very hard and able to withstand high impact encountered downhole.

  • Using large individual wear elements over an equivilant area of small grains gives a significant improvement in wear resistance.

  • Durability - using the hard and impact resistance tungsten carbide inserts bonded using the high strength and resilient braze material.

  • The quality of the boding can be inspected using ultrasonic inspection procedures before it leaves the shop.

TOOLS Incorporated provides this valued service to our clients to help protect their investment in their services tools.


Our Commitment to Satisfaction

TOOLS Incorporated is committed to customer satisfaction and expedient service. We are available to meet your equipment needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you don’t see the product you need on our manufacturing list, please let us know. Our experienced engineering staff stands willing and able to work with you, our customers, to fabricate any tool or part you require. We are here for you 24/7/365!!


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