GulfAir Compressors were originally designed to meet a specific need for one specific company.  Ours.  Having gone through the gamut of the air compressor world, we needed a better “mouse trap” to provide more reliable air power to our offshore service crews.  Our search took us to a very small town in Northern Italy, where we found a 50+ year old compressor to meet our needs.

We worked with their engineers, settled with a design, and then built ten.  Those ten machines were used offshore strictly by Offshore Cleaning Systems for one year.  We gathered all that we learned, re-collaborated with Rotair’s engineers and developed the air compressor we offer today.


If you are involved in the offshore oil and gas service industry, and you use air compressors, we invite you to take a good, hard look at this compressor and decide for yourself what you want representing your company, 250 miles from shore.

In addition to our marine series units, we also represent ROTAIRS entire line of rotary screw compressors.  We stock all parts and service on all of our equipment.  Call us for quote on your next compressor application.
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