As a young person I was amazed that what went in a pot, could come out so good. Whenever I could watch my parents cooking I would. This started my interest in cooking.

I finally got the opportunity around the 70’s, cooking with the Cajun Chef Cooking Six. Going all over the Country cooking for the people in the Oil Fields, Mardi Gras events, Trail Rides, Company Parties, Cajun Wedding reception, Reunion of all types, and, any reason too make a party really prepare me. In the 80’s when the oil industry got too its lowest point of work, that’s when I put my cooking experience too use.

It was a leap of faith getting started, but the Cooking Six prepared me very well for my upcoming adventures in catering. The amount of people Kajun Katering II, Inc. cooks for ranges from small to large amounts. Our travel takes us all over Texas, Mississippi, Colorado, Wyoming, Alabama now Georgia. We cook things from Boiled Crawfish, Shrimp, and Crabs to BBQ’s, Corporate events and Wedding receptions.

“Cooking Real Cajun Food Since 1985”

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